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Creating a New Logo

The time has come to change things a bit. To refresh the look of the website was the start, then the need for a new logo for the digital platforms and stationery used by Baroque Bags arose. I have always been heavily influenced by Art Nouveau so this is where I needed to look for inspiration. I wanted something beautiful, creative with some link to nature - a tree, perhaps. Keeping in mind that I was also looking for a new embroidery design that would feature as a motif alongside the title 'Baroque Bags'. Something with the signature whiplash curves of Art Nouveau - a bit of Guimard, Mucha some swirly spirals...and it's there!

Using a permanent marker, I drew it on some vellum, scanned it into the computer and using Serif Draw in my brand colours of purple and white, we converted it into a 3D digital image to use as a banner for Facebook.

The software is great for this, although I have to admit that I didn't do it, my long suffering husband created the effect with the software as it takes me a while to learn new technology! I have to say I am grateful for his patience as although I know exactly what I want, trying to get that across to someone else is another matter!

It had always been in my mind that this logo would make it onto a bag...or three (for now!), so it had to be turned into a digitised embroidery design using PE Design software that would convert it into stitches to be created using the Brother Innov-Is 700E II embroidery machine.

After much fiddling and tweaking, the design was ready to stitch out. A bit more work on smoothing out the lines and it was there. And I love it! The first colour used had to be purple because that's how I imagined it and green , lime green, was the background.

The temptation to create a design in every colour is very strong, so I've started with three for now, using some beautiful batik fabrics I found online during the Lockdown. I don't usually like to buy fabrics online as I like to handle them, and see the colours for real, but I was very happy with them when they came. I ordered fat quarters as I often do to keep some kind of exclusivity to each design, once the fabric has run out, that's it. I like to keep the bags as individual creations, unique, one offs.

So here they are... a Trio of Trees!

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