• Wendy - Baroque Bags.

H - is for Hiatus

March and April are usually very busy times here at Baroque Bags, getting new designs perfected and into production, checking stock and lots of sewing. This year is very different. After growing out of my previous studio/workroom, it was necessary to move upwards to a bigger space, being the loft conversion. The move took its toll on both my knees and spirit. Up two flights of stairs every day with bags and boxes of fabric, books, yarn, machinery and threads, losing lots of wallspace, really tested me. However, I had lots of events booked, festivals and craft fairs which I was gearing up to. Then coronavirus happened... everything stopped. Although I had online sales still coming in, restrictions of movement meant I could no longer carry on. This is my hiatus! Do I carry on making bags in the hope that all this will soon be over? It seems trite when people are losing loved ones to this horrendous virus. It is time to take stock. Be thankful I have my family with me. Organise and consolidate what I already have, to get the workspace I need. So, No photos of bags today but the view from my studio window. The maple tree's buds bursting into life and the sea beyond, and hope that all this will soon pass.Stay safe x

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