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S – is for Shibori

S – is for Shibori

A new addition to the design process is Shibori Indigo dyeing. I have always been interested in dyeing my own fabrics and started with natural indigo. Cotton fabric pieces are clamped, wrapped and stitched (drawing up the stitches) to create a resist to the dye, so that areas remain undyed or white. The result is patterned fabric ranging from deep indigo blue to white, once the resist (threads) has been removed.The fabric is then plunged into a natural indigo dye vat, rinsed and washed to remove excess dye, and dried ready to use. As you can see below I have experimented using several different techniques to achieve the effects I wanted.Yarns are also dyed for inkle weaving for matching straps. Using undyed and dyed yarns to match the fabric used.The designs created using this very lengthy process are unique as the exact conditions are very difficult to recreate during the life of the dye vat. You have to have an open mind as the dye doesn't always come out as expected! Depending on the technique used you can create a wide range of designs.

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