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A - is for Arts and Crafts Movement.

Updated: May 28

A - is for Arts and Crafts Movement.

A huge source of inspiration to me both in the fabrics I use and creating designs inspired by designers such as Archibald Knox, Arthur Mackmurdo, Charles Ashbee, Charles Voysey and of course William Morris, central to the Arts and Crafts Movement ethos.

Artists like John Ruskin advocated a simple life that used nature as inspiration. In the late 1880's A style based on the organic forms found in the European Art Nouveau began to emerge with the emphasis on affordable designs using handcrafted workmanship to produce handmade ornaments, furniture and textiles.

Designers saw machinery as detrimental to the craftsman and should be used as little as possible. I like this idea, although I do use sewing machines - it would be difficult and very time consuming not to!

The designs pictured show this influence. The first two designs are cross body bags I made using fabric designed by Charles Voysey. I also made hand woven 'inkle' straps to match the colours in the prints - very much in the Arts and Crafts ethos.

The silver evening bag was embroidered using a digitised embroidered design (created by me) which was influenced by the work of Archibald Knox, his pewter work in particular. The fabric was embroidered on an embroidery machine, then quilted, made into a small evening bag with a zipped top, finished with a silver chain strap.

I am not yet done with The Arts and Crafts Movement, and intend to make more designs using this as inspiration.

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