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B – is for Bellingham All Acoustic Music Festival (BAAFEST)

Updated: May 28

B – is for Bellingham All Acoustic Music Festival (BAAFEST)

...which takes place in Bellingham, Northumberland in September.

I chose this for B as it was the very first festival I had a stall at and is very close to my heart. As it stands at the moment it is also the only festival that I'm trading at that has not been cancelled this year!

Set at Brown Rigg just outside of Bellingham, it is a weekend packed with great music, food and beer. I believe it is also the only festival with a working trebuchet (photo) made by Paul one of the organisers ( Fiona Lander and Paul Mason), which he demonstrates at regular intervals.

The festival has a very distinct landscape, the skyline viewed from the campsite was the inspiration for several 'Bellingham' cross body bags I designed and the first of the 'landscape' themed bags I made. In the second photo, using pieced fabrics, the front of each bag is quilted and embellished with freemotion embroidered trees, sheep and wild flowers. The second set of bags were made using dyed fabrics with the same embroidered tree line, with unfurling freemotion embroidered ferns in the corner making each one individual, something I always strive to do, no two designs are the same. These first Landscape designs have become a firm favourite of mine and my customers and I love making them.

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