• Wendy - Baroque Bags.

X is for X - Roman numeral 10

10 years since the seeds were sown for Baroque Bags. From setting up and running the business from a tiny bedroom to the studio I now have, It has at times been very difficult. This business has given me a great sense of achievement and joy in what I do. Motivation has always been there to design, source materials, create patterns and make bags, but outside influences seem to keep trying to push me off course. For that reason there have been a couple of years where I 'lost my mojo' so to speak and towards the end of last year I really thought about giving it all up. But moving to a bigger space gave me the motivation I needed to carry on. Then the coronavirus came along and changed everything. Although I have an online Etsy shop, I always like talking to customers face to face, so losing the opportunity to sell at all the craft fairs and festivals this year has really hurt. I have come too far, and have too much creativity in me to give up. So after a short closure, I decided to reopen the shop as I have too many ideas buzzing around in my head to stop. I am very passionate about my work and take pride in doing the best that I can do. I believe things will gradually turn around for us all. So for now here are ten of my favourite designs so far.

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